Week 10

Song of the week- “Final Countdown” by Europe

Day 1- We are all over the place but thee are very few things that we have to get done. I am working on the video and trying to find a place for the voice over to be recorded but there are no good places. This day was just speaking of how stressed we are tp get everything done and so we made a game plan. We will make the data presentable and try to get everything done by Wednesday.

Day 2- I am now double stressed, I have to worry about packing and getting a bunch done. I packed a box that was basically my room except for clothing and things I’m taking home. We had our usual 8 o’clock meeting at 9!! That hour did me good, we spoke about the end of the miscarriage groups and how that would be ended. I had an interview for the survey at the end of the program, but until that happened we met with Katie and got another Katie Diagram. I went to the interview and came back to meet with Cassie to talk about the poster and paper. This is when Cassie thought of the genius idea of coming up with a theme for the stargazers and the gardeners for the poster. I had a much more simple design in my mind but I liked the theme and we all agreed on it. The layout was planned and we transitioned into talking about the paper.

Day 3- Today was a stressful day. Haley helped me move most of my stuff into ethos and I thanked her with a meal from jimmy Johns. Before I left Cassie, Carla and I had a meeting about the data and what we were going to do with it and finishing the poster so it can be printed. I wanted a device to help voice record for the video. It is not so great so I think I will just do all text instead of the voice.

Day 4- We printed off the poster today, and I personally like it, but my simple idea was cute too so I would have liked it regardless Today was just realizing we need more time but we scrapped together everything so we would be ready fro tomorrow. This day was honestly a blur

Day 5- Last day, I woke up and went to go check out of Wilkie and headed to the IMU. I was ready to get the show on the road but we took pictures first and then started. I was caught off guard but the first judge so Carla and I were all over the place, oh well. My person and my mother came, and stayed..the entire time, but I’m happy. I was ready to go since I had an event to go to later the same day and the traffic was absolutely horrible. I wasn’t very emotional because I’d see everyone (faculty and grad students) in a few weeks, I was too excited to get home but I knew I would want to come back to Bloomington in a few days.

Here is our press release and I will try to put the video into a blog so it can be watched from there.