Week 10

 Week 10 is finally wrapping up!  These past 10 weeks have been a  life-altering experience.  I learned a lot about the field of informatics and strengthed my ambitions for attending graduate school in 2019. I learned a lot about qualitative research, human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction and computer science fields. Initially, I was unsure of my future in academia, being a psychology undergraduate who had begone slowly venturing outside of his major. As these past few weeks have unfolded I believe I’ve found research fields I didn’t think were available.

This Week

This week has been a whirlwind. This week we finalized a lot of the aspects of our paper and deliverables which can be found below! We spent a lot of time this week working on our prototypes based on the findings from feedback gained from older adults. We also finalized our poster and iterated on our paper to wrap up this week. The majority of our time this week was spent on finalizing our Prezi presentation and transforming it into video form. I’m really excited to present our poster and see everyone’s research! Tomorrow is going to be an exciting, yet quite sad that there’s finally an end date.

REU Symposium

Today was a very memorable experience to cap off the entire REU session. We presented our research to faculty and other mentors from ProHealth and other representatives of IU. I’d like to thank everyone at the  ProHealth REU this has been a really fun and enriching experience!

Whats next?

Following the REU program ending, I will be flying to Pittsburgh to meet with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Department. I’m rather excited to visit such a prestigious university in the computer science and HCI field. Afterwards, I will continue preparing for grad school and apply to several programs for instance: IU, CMU, UCSD, UW.  I have a lot of work ahead of me but I feel more confident about the road ahead.





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